New York – Spring Group Show – March 5 – 21, 2015

New York – Spring Group Show – March 5 – 21, 2015 – AZART GALLERY 617 West 27th New York City

Spring Group Show | AZART GALLERY

Símio IV | Simian IV

Símio IV - Escultura em aço cromado e madeira - 18x20cm - 2014

Símios II | Simian II

Madeira, Aço e Vidro  |  Wood, Steel and Glass

121 - Simio II - Escultura em aço escovado madeira e vidro - 29x29cm - 2014 ©



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Não obstante, essa insolúvel dialética entre o local e o universal ajusta-se à dimensão cosmopolita da sua criação plástica. A escala doméstica de alguns dos seus mais recentes trabalhos, que reincidem nos vinte por vinte do canvas board, parece agregar o grafismo da azulejaria ao seu leque de referentes estéticos. Na mesma medida, a sua investigação das potencialidades de um suporte marcado pelo comedimento e pela simetria permite-lhe um recorte instantâneo e fragmentado do real, conferindo ao quadro uma espécie de teatralidade imediata. É este o caso do irretocável Dankeschön, da série Coisas incríveis acontecem, também da safra mais recente.continue lendo —->

“Even so, that insoluble dialectics between the local and the universal still adjusts to the cosmopolitan dimension of her plastic creations. The domestic scale of some of her most recent works, once again in the scale of 20x20cm canvas board, seems to add the graphics of painted tiles to the pallet of her aesthetic references. Furthermore, her research on the possibilities of a support labeled by moderation and symmetry immediately provides her an instantaneous yet fragmentary scope on the reality, giving the painting a sort of immediate theatricality. Such is the case of the irreproachable Dankeschön, from the series Coisas incríveis acontecem (Amazing things happen), also from the latter harvest.” continue reading—>

Símio I

Símio I – Escultura em aço cromado – 150 x 180 x 8mm – 2014

Simian I – Sculpture in chromed steel 150 x 180 x 8mm 2014

Macaco Espelho - Escultura em aço cromado - 150 x 180 x 8mm - 2014

Exposição “NA SELVA DA CIDADE” é destaque na Casa de Cultura Salvador Ligabue

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Mostra da artista Líria Varne traz peças de circuito internacional que traduzem São Paulo

A Casa de Cultura Salvador Ligabue recebe no dia 31 de outubro a exposição “Na Selva da Cidade”, da artista Líria Varne. A mostra, que vai até 14 de novembro é gratuita, traz diversas obras da artista criadas a partir de 1997, as quais traduzem detalhes da pesquisa sobre a cidade de São Paulo. Líria Varne formou-se em artes em 1998. A artista desenha e pinta desde 1995 e este ano fez a sua estréia no circuito internacional em Berlim e Nova York.


Shows the artist Líria Varne brings international circuit parts that translate São Paulo

The House of Culture Salvador Ligabue receives on October 31 the exhibition “In The Jungle of City”, the artist Líria Varne. The show, which runs until November 14 is free, brings several works of artist created since 1997, which translates details of the research on the city of São Paulo. Líria Varne graduated in arts in 1998. The artist draws and paints since 1995 and this year made his debut on the international circuit in Berlin and New York.

Na Selva da Cidade


Young Brazilian Art at the international Art Fair


42- O juízo final - Acrílico sobre tela - 40x30cm - 2012

Young Brazilian Art at the international Art Fair B.AGL ART afFAIRs in Berlin Brazil is starting – as emerging economic power and future magnet of the sport world it is moving towards the centre of international interest in the last years not only with its modern concepts for architecture, but also by its young art more and more. Brazil has, especially in its big metropolis Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a small, exciting, but rather unknown art scene with many interesting artists – interestingly there are many woman artists represented. All of their works often are uncommon, because at the first sight they do not correspond with the predominantly shaped western art concepts. Only in the unbiased approach their very independently form of expression can be discovered. Then a lively and often concrete pictorial language emerges, which is not so subtle or formalized, but mostly is characterized by contemporary themes and sometimes developes a comic like way of description. Despite all colourfulness this art is not gaudy superficially, but very vivid and inspiring. Cultural roots and modern creativity are condensed to a trend, that is attracting international collectors more and more. How especially younger brazilian artists take position will be seen at the international trend fair for art B.AGL ART afFAIRs i September 2013 at the Postbahnhof in Berlin. Exemplarily for the contemporary brazilian art here some participating artists are described shortly:

With Liria Varne, who gathered and organized the group and who was selected a short time ago to exhibit at she 1st Salon Autumn Latin America, a representative of the engaged style comes to Europe. She asks artistic-sceptical questions concerning current brazilian themes like the life in the “urban jungle“ in Sao Paulo.


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